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年末になると今年の10大何とか、来年の予想何とかとか特集されるますが、今回はMarketWatchの2013年の経済に影響力のある30人のリーダーを紹介します。私の知らない名前もかなりあります。30 leaders who will set agenda in 2013

Top Tech Innovators
(1)Marissa Mayer(President and CEO, Yahoo (NASDAQ:YHOO))
(2)Sheryl Sandberg (Chief Operating Officer, Facebook (NASDAQ:FB))
(3)Jeff Weiner (CEO of LinkedIn (NYSE:LNKD))
(4)Jeff Bezos (Founder and CEO, Amazon.com (NASDAQ:AMZN))
(5)Peter Thiel (Tech entrepreneur)
(6)Steve Jobs (Late Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) founder and former CEO)
(5)以外は日本でも知られているところ。ジョブスは故人ですが、Steve Jobs will live forever ですね。

Consumer Game Changers
(7)Bryan Pearson (President, LoyaltyOne)
he advises companies worldwide on how to build effective loyalty programs.だそうです。
(8)Richard Cordray (Director, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau)
(9)Ben Baldanza (President and CEO, Spirit Airlines)
格安航空の経営者だそうです。the low-cost carrier became the nation’s most profitable airline.“I’m not going to say there’s not going to be anymore fees, because if we could find a way to make that $80 fare a $70 fare we’d do it,” he says.
(10)Sen. Tom Harkin (D., Iowa) (Chairman, Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions)
学費ローン問題を扱う上院の委員会の委員長(民主党)です。Now that Democrats have maintained control of the Senate, Harkin will oversee the reauthorization of the Higher Education Act next year. This law controls all federal student aid, including loans and grant funding and eligibility requirements.

Economic Stimulators
(11)Rep. Dave Camp (R-Mich.) (Chairman, House Ways and Means Committee)
下院歳入委員会の委員長です。財政の崖問題の共和党側の責任者です。Camp is a savvy(ツボを心得た), seasoned(経験を積んだ) leader who knows how to play nice with Democrats when it counts.  it counts は重要である。問題になる。
(12)Dan Gilbert (Founder and chairman of Quicken Loans/ CEO, Rock Ventures LLC)
 デトロイトの再開発をしているらしい。Gilbert says he's boosting Detroit’s transition from the “muscle economy” of its manufacturing heyday to today's "brain economy.”
(13)John Roberts (Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court)
最高裁判所長官がオバマ政権の皆保険法(Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act)を合法と判断して驚かせたので、これからの判断が注目される。cases that are likely to hit the docket(訴訟一覧表) this term, including affirmative action in college admissions and gay marriage rights.

Financial Forces
(14)Grover Norquist (President, Americans for Tax Reform)
増税反対派のリーダーです。he convinced 41 current U.S. Senators and 238 House members to sign a pledge committing to oppose all tax increases. The goal is to require Congress to reduce yearly budget deficits by slashing spending. he could make a deal on the fiscal cliff virtually impossible.
(15)Ben Bernanke Chairman (Federal Reserve Board)
(16)Mohamed El-Erian (CEO and co-CIO of Pimco)
(17)Warren Buffett’s Successor
(18)Phyllis Borzi (Assistant secretary of the Labor Department)
確定拠出年金を担当の労働省次官。one power player who's not necessarily a household(有名な) name among the CNBC crowd. who oversees Labor’s employee benefits arm, rolled out a new set of 401(k) disclosure rules that many insiders credit with helping boost transparency and squeeze the plan costs ultimately borne by retirement savers.
(19)Jamie Dimon (CEO of JPMorgan Chase)
(20)Barbara Roper (Director of investor protection at the Consumer Federation of America)
(21)Abigail Johnson (President of Fidelity Financial Services)
(22)Jed Rakoff (U.S. District Judge for the Southern District of New York)
ニューヨーク地裁判事なので、ウォール街の事件を審理することが多い。high-profile cases involving WorldCom and Bernard Madof. 罪状認めないまま罰金を払って終了するケースが多いが、同判事はそれに反対らしい。Whether companies can continue to settle charges by coughing up a fine but not actually acknowledging they did anything wrong. The formula, which typically involves a statement that the accused “neither admits nor denies the allegations,” is popular with regulators that don’t want to waste precious resources on costly and difficult court fights.
(23)Edward DeMarco (Acting director, Federal Housing Finance Agency)
As head of the FHFA, the federal regulator of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac,

Global Influencers
(24)Angela Merkel and François Hollande Chancellor of Germany; President of France
(25)Mario Draghi President of the European Central Bank
(26)The Emerging-Market Consumer
emerging economies will account for 71.6% of global growth this year.
(27)Vladimir Putin President of Russia

Health-Care Honchos
(28)Deval Patrick Governor of Massachusetts
アメリカで先進的な皆保険がある州の知事なので、今後の改革が注目される。Mitt Romney may have enacted Massachusetts’ major health reform law, but it was left to his Democratic successor, Deval Patrick, to implement the changes. ...touting(自慢する) that 98% of the state is now covered and a higher proportion of employers are providing insurance than around the rest of the country.
(29)Kathleen Sebelius (Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services)
皆保険法案成立に尽力した。 Though it’s most often referred to as Obamacare, in many ways the true face of the Affordable Care Act is not the president, but Health Secretary Kathleen Sebelius....Sebelius has been on the ground working towards the reform rollout. “She’s where the rubber hits the road.”(自動車のタイヤが地面に接する時ということから、その真価が問われるとき位の意味)
(30)Stephen Hemsley (CEO of UnitedHealth Group(NYSE:UNH))
アメリカ最大の医療保険会社。皆保険成立により業績拡大が期待されている。the largest of the health insurers by market capitalization, continues to gain influence as the health reform takes effect. “But Hemsley has also set his sights beyond U.S. borders: the company recently announced a deal to acquire a 90% stake in a Brazilian health care company.


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